Love Keeps Fargo Warm

I was scheduled to shoot the wedding of Dani and Kayne, when Dani called me to tell me that there was no way they could get down to Knoxville, as they had planned . . . so would I mind coming up to Fargo, where they were?  Fargo.  In North Dakota.  In November.

What the heck, I am always up for an adventure, so I jumped on a plane and got off in a very, very, VERY cold place.  No, not just cold - it was FREEZING.  And I had never been to Fargo.  No matter - what I did was use social media, specifically the subreddit r/fargo on, to ask people for suggestions on where one could shoot and not die of hypothermia.  As it turns out, the Fargo Air Museum proved to be one such place.  I thought the town was a delight! 

Never say no to an adventure!