My wedding collections feature beautiful imported albums from Graphistudio, a studio headquartered in Arba, Italy, just north of Venice.  The quality and workmanship is superb and they allow a great deal in the design of the album, making it specifically crafted for you.

My couples can choose from two styles in the Graphistudio product line: the Original Wedding Book and the Young Book.

The Original Wedding Book

This is styled as more of a traditional wedding album.  Hold one and you will feel a weight that speaks to not simply a picture book but an heirloom.  There is a wide variety of materials in multiple colors that can be used for covers and the studio box that is included.  Design elements are available as upgrades to make it your own.

The Original Wedding Book is shown here at 9.5" x 13" in a white leather with olive green leather spine and backing, die cut window with image, and embossing. This album is kept in a Design Box covered in a sage green leatherette.

Beautiful reproduction of colors on thick pages.

Old World craftsmanship.

The Young Book

Modern.  Contemporary.  Sleek.  These words describe the Young Book, for the not-so-traditional bride.  It comes sitting in a hinged studio box that can include a custom overprint design on the front and an image of your choice inside.

The Young Book is shown here in an 8x12 size with a maple texture cover and an overprinting that depicts the Victorian manor where the wedding took place.

The hinged studio box displays an additional image inside the front cover.

Custom imprinting on the cover of the album is included.

Beautiful color reproduction on rigid pages.

Old World craftsmanship

Old World craftsmanship

How Do I Create Your Album?

Once I know whether you want an Original Wedding Book or a Young Book, I start creating a preliminary design for you. When you have a design to start with, you will find it is easier for you to “see” how an album design should work, creating a pictorial narrative of the wedding day. Some spreads will have multiple images, others only one or two, as well as the inclusion of negative space so that the eyes have a place to rest and the entire album is easily read. An album crammed with pictures and without rhyme nor reason is cluttered and difficult to enjoy.

But that is just the inside of the album. For the exterior of the album, I think about what made your day your own, or what is it about you that can be used to personalize the album. Custom artwork, fonts, and other design elements all come into play to arrive at a design for the album and the accompanying legacy box that makes it your own and no one else’s.

Not printed yet, but a depiction of what the final product will look like.

Not printed yet, but a depiction of what the final product will look like.

Graphistudio provides photographers with online design software that allows me to give my clients a preview of what the finished product will look like. This is important as the process is a collaborative one: I ask for your feedback, incorporate your ideas, and finally get your approval before I send the files to Italy for final production. Nothing gets printed until you are satisfied.

another online mockup so the couple can see what to expect from the finished product.

another online mockup so the couple can see what to expect from the finished product.