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It won't always be like this . . .

I was recently asked to take portraits of daughters with their fathers at a dance for my child's school, St. Joseph in Knoxville.

I had to say yes!  I graduated from Cardinal Spellman High School in the Bronx and some of my deeply cherished memories come from the father-daughter dances we had there, when I would be goofing around and jitterbugging (he was a WWII vet, after all), with my own dad, Frank Martin.  

I miss him, so this was a labor love.  At the end, one dad asked me to take "just one more" - and this was the shot I got, of Tony and his sweet girl, Derri.


Folks, they are only young for so long . . . for all you know, the next photograph of you and your daughter could be when she is a grown woman, wearing a white dress, and the church organist is starting to play "Here Comes the Bride."  Or you are standing next to your son as he graduates from Army boot camp.

One of the things I hold dear are family pictures of me as a child . . . with a parent.  I love seeing us as different people, younger and in the clothing of another time.  Remember, when you have an image made of you and your child together, it is not just your picture to treasure - it is theirs as well!