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Recognition for me from "Content Evagelist"

Content Evangelis, a magazine for Catholic publishers, selected my photo of workers renovating Immaculate Conception Church in Knoxville along with other photographers' work for recognition in their Summer 2014 edition.

 My image, middle bottom, in the magazine.

My image, middle bottom, in the magazine.

Content Evamgelist writes:  "The excellent, high-impact photography featured here has accompanied these witness stories in several diocesan magazine published by FAITH Catholic.  We salute these exemplary photographers.  Each of their striking images shines a light on, and tells the story of, a faithful witness to the Gospel."

True story:  the assignment was not easy for me.  I have a terrific fear of heights and other shots involved me traveling in a swaying scissor lift to the ceiling of the church.  So I did what any good Catholic would do . . . I closed my eyes and recited an Act of Contrition on the way up.