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Desirae in the City

"I have never had my photograph taken professionally."

That is what Desirae told me before we started a session recently in the Old City .  "I don't know if I'll be any good."

She was right, she was not good at posing - she was fabulous.

 Taken at Remedy Coffee in Old City, Knoxville

Taken at Remedy Coffee in Old City, Knoxville

I fortunately had two HLS (Human Light Stands) - my son, Patrick, and Desirae's husband, Charlie (a Navy squid - thank you for your service, sir!).  The men were wonderful help, but the star was Desirae.

 Really?  First time modeling?  Hard to believe it, in my opinion . . .

Really?  First time modeling?  Hard to believe it, in my opinion . . .

Can't decide - do I like it better in color or in black-and-white?

I like environmental portraiture.  The JFG Coffee sign that overlooks the Old City works to not only lend an air of nostalgia but defines a time ad place.  I have said before, the impact of photos change over time, because different people will look at them at different times.  Will that sign always be there?  Will Desirae and Charlie always live in Knoxville?  I don't know - but I do know that 50 years from now, this photo will be viewed in a different light than it is now.

When Desirae and I first discussed this shoot, I had noticed that she had pictures of herself on social media that suggested to me, "Rocker grrrl!"  So we decided to go with that look.

The Old City is a veritable photographer's playground, with lots of fun alleys.  It was a hot and steamy night, though, and by the time we were done, cold sweet tea - the nectar of the South - was in order!