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Believe in Print: Carol's Pinup Folio

I want to share the folio that Carol had made for her pinup session.  She opted for a customized studio box, with her selection of prints that were made on deep matte paper for a velvety feel.

The color scheme was chosen to match her outfits as well as reflect some of Carol's Hispanic heritage.  A beautiful parrot red box, with gold linen lining and black art mats work together to make a more vintage color scheme, keeping in line with her dresses.

Unlike an album, a folio box has each print mounted in a mat.  Take them out.  Spread them out for all to see.  Display one in an easel then switch it out with another one.  Or keep them for yourself, in their bespoke box.

Carol was a beautiful model and I am glad that I can offer her a print product that is truly one of a kind and uniquely hers.  It may take some time for this to be created in Italy, but using Graphistudio is worth the wait!


Because . . .

. . . your cellphone will brick.

. . . your hard drive will crash.

. . . technology will change.

But a well-crafted album, book, or folio will last past your lifetime.