Boudoir, Pinup, and Glamor

Whether boudoir or pin-up, an intimate portrait is about what makes you feel beautiful.


Boudoir, pin-up, glamour - there are differences but they all relate to a person wanting to escape the everyday persona and feel beautiful.  And what that takes differs with each individual.  Some just want to have fun and pin-up allows that, while others want to push the envelope and walk closer to the edge.

What is important, though, is your comfort level.  That is met by discussing and agreeing to beforehand such as the style, the location, even the presence of other people to assist while your session is ongoing.  

And no, you're not too old . . . too heavy . . . too anything.  You are beautiful right now.

Full Session



  • Pre-session consultation and planning
  • Photography session up to 3 hours
  • Post-session review and sales consultation
  • 1 branded digital image for social media

I have access to various sites that allow for the session to be conducted both indoors and outdoors at no additional cost; however, fees may apply for special locations.

Prints, wall art, photo albums/books, and high resolution digital images may be purchased separately at the post-session review and sales consultation.

Digital Session


60 minute photo session with your choice of 25 images from the session, delivered digitally in a size suitable for social media and 4x6 prints, with print release..  

Art District, Los Angeles, CA