Carrie and Alvin

Carrie and Alvin's wedding was filled with fun, fellowship, and friends - crazy, raucous and loving friends!  After marrying at Holy Ghost Church in Knoxville, the gang stopped at Schulz Brau brewery for a quick one before heading off to The Foundry in Worlds Fair Park.  And that's when it started getting crazy!

The story:

In the Diocese of Knoxville, there is a dynamic group designed for young Catholic adults to come together in fellowship and faith called the Knoxville Frassati Fellowship.  It brings together people from all types of backgrounds - and in this case, it brought together a Kentucky belle convert and a Filipino cradle Catholic.

Is that a beautiful pairing or what?

But being a member of the group also means that you develop a circle of friends - a LARGE circle of friends - who will come together and ensure that Carrie and Alvin's wedding would be . . . an absolute blast.  Raucous, but still joyous, their wedding was high energy and the party kept going!

A secret message was sewn into the bride's dress.

Go on - guess the groom's favorite movie franchise.

I like to bring to wedding photography my background in street photography.  Look for those moments when I get to step away and be the photojournalist for the couple.

A couple who start out as good friends have a solid foundation for marriage.

In the Filipino culture, the couple is draped with a veil during the ceremony as a symbol of their unity.

All aboard Big Love Bus!

The bridal party stopped at Schulz Brau Brewery in the Happy Holler section of Knoxville - zum wohl!

Let the party begin!  It was time for everyone to dance!

I think the number of friends and the joy they brought with them to this celebration are a testament to the goodness of Carrie and Alvin.

May they have years of happiness together!