Actor Boris McGiver in character as Tally Simpson on the set of "Josephine" (2016)  Halifax, VA
 Lindsay and Chris, caught in Winter Storm Jonas.  Arlington, VA
 Ian Paola, actor ("Orange Is the New Black")  New York, NY
 "Grease Monkeys" Perk's Garage - Maryville, TN
 Yvonne Dalschen, photographer and artist
 Cousins  Great Smoky Mountain National Park, TN
 Gunner  Senior Pictures  Old City - Knoxville, TN
 Will Brewer, attorney  Knoxville, TN
 Kwame Rock, actor ("The Tribulations of the Reverend Harland Atwell")  Knoxville, TN
 Riley  Knoxville Botanical Gardens - Knoxville, TN
 Taylor  Knoxville, TN
 Alaina Senior Pictures  Gay Street Bridge - Knoxville, TN
 Paige Coleman, attorney  Knoxville, TN
 Sarah Pinup Session  Knoxville, TN
 Desirae  Old City - Knoxville, TN
 Diane Wallace, model  Knoxville, TN
 Carmen and Logan  Knoxville Botanical Gardens - Knoxville, TN
 Michelle Gillespie, vocalist  New York, NY
 Jackson  Museum of Appalachia - Norris, TN
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