NM Wedding

Dani and Kayne married in a tiny town - Aragon, New Mexico - high up on the Continental Divide.  The married in an old adobe church, Mission Santo Nino.  

the story:

This story is unusual.  Get ready to follow all of the geography in it . . . 

Dani and Kayne met in Hawaii, but I photographed their engagement session in Fargo, North Dakota, where Dani was working at North Dakota State University.  So why New Mexico?  Well, Dani was a Navy brat and although her family now lives in Knoxville, Tennessee.  So, she really did not have a hometown.

Kayne, on the other hand, is from Aragon, NM.  It is a town high up on the Continental Divide, at an elevation of 7,135' and with a population of 94.  It has an old adobe church - Santo Nino Mission - and Kayne's family had lived there for several generations.  So he asked Dani if she would agree to marry there, and she said yes.

By the way, this couple recently celebrated the birth of their first child, a daughter, in the city where they live now . . . Anchorage, Alaska.

Hawaii. Tennessee.  North Dakota.  New Mexico.  Alaska.  

Love gets around.

The southwest part of New Mexico is drop-dead gorgeous, even if one wants to think of it "out in the middle of nowhere."  Even better, the night sky is devoid of light pollution, allowing you to see the core of the Milky Way.

The groom is a macho guy.  The bride's father is a macho guy.  That did not stop them from crying at the vision of Dani in her wedding dress.

Father showed them how in his native Africa, the Trinity is invoked using each finger, with the wedding ring slipped on the ring finger at the final, "Amen!"

La Marcha!  La Marcha ("The March" is a traditional round dance led by the oldest married couple, followed by the bride and groom, followed by everyone else!