Why get in front of the camera?

Photography has gone through big changes in the digital world. It is easy to find someone now who will take your picture - but not so easy to find someone who will make your image.

What do I mean by that? This is not “hey, let’s do a 15 minute mini-session in the park and I will burn you a DVD” photography. I collaborate with my clients and take the time to photograph you, then to find the right medium to display your portraits.

I believe in print. It is said that this generation is the most photographed but will have nothing to remember it by. The selfie, the digital picture is posted on social media, garners some likes and a few comments . . . and shortly afterward is never seen again unless Facebook decides to offer it to you as a “memory.” Isn’t it time to take charge of them for yourself and loved ones?

If you have any questions or want to discuss your own ideas, let’s talk. Your photography must be geared to what you want.

Be discriminating - you are creating your own art.


Portraits are made in-studio or on location.

The process starts with a consultation to discuss your expectations, clothing and location choices, and the date of the portrait session. You will also get a chance to review the products that are available for purchase after your portrait session.

At the portrait session, after the photography is done, we will end the session by scheduling a date for you to view your proofs, usually about two weeks later.

At the proof review, you can see your images and make your selection of products to purchase.

Hair and makeup are available at an additional cost.