Alright, time for a confession - I don't even like chocolate that much!

My friend, Janet Earl, and her aunt, Brenda Anderson, have a great start-up business:  Garden to Gourmet Goodness.  They make james, preserves, salsas, pickles - BUT . . . these ain't yo' Momma's preserves!  Whether it is Blackberry Wine or Peach Amaretto, these ROCK!  My favorites are her line of savory preserves - and let me say, a dollop of her Roasted Onion and Garlic preserves on a hamburger is ambrosia!

Chocolate is made for lovers!

Chocolate is made for lovers!

Garden to Gourmet Goodness was set to be at Chocolatefest Knoxville, with their signature preserve, Raspberry Chocolate Sauce.  And while the product - served up on brownie and cheesecake bites - would draw a crowd, how about upping the ante and creating a buzz, that the good people would find fun?

And what is more fun than a free photo booth?  I set up a simple brown backdrop - this was a chocolate festival, after all - and brought in some fun props.  A sombrero, a tiara, silly glasses, pink boxing gloves . . . and the ever poplar horde head mask for the shy (or maybe the strange, hard to say).


It was great - I took the pictures and designed a digital frame so that if someone wanted to print out a 5x7 print, all they would have to do is drop it in a frame.  Folks signed a model release, and in doing so also gave their email addresses, so that I could set up a private gallery and send them a link to download their pictures.  


This is a great idea for a business to set itself apart at an event like this.  The people get a take-away, and the business not only gets to send them something they want (FREE photo!) and will remind them of the brand, but the emails serve as a potential customer list to send promotional offers or invite folks to subscribe, say, to a newsletter.

Photo booths generate laughs and happy memories at parties and weddings - so why not bring that fun to your next appearance at a trade show or festival?  Call me and let's discuss what we can do to make your business stand out . . . and have fun!