Theresa and Richard - Engagement Shoot at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens

This Saturday I will have the joy to be able to photograph the wedding of Theresa and Richard, two fine folks from my parish.  It will not be the "huge-white-dress-release-the-doves!" type affair but a quiet and more meaningful ceremony for two adults who have found each other after experiencing life some.  I will work to capture that, as well as their faith in action as they confer upon each other the Sacrament of Matrimony.

The happy couple

The happy couple

Spring is here in East Tennessee and that makes for really beautiful light longer in the day (come June, one can shoot until nearly 10 o'clock!).  We headed out to the Knoxville Botanical Gardens for an engagement shoot and here are some of the images from that.

Let me also take time to thank these two for their service.  Richard is with the Knox County Sheriff's department, keeping us safe here, and Theresa is a former US Marine, now educating the youth of Knox County.

Good people, indeed!