Living Stations of the Cross

Both previously at my old home parish in Santa Ana, California and here in Knoxville, the Hispanic community approaches Good Friday with great devotion.

As a testament to such devotion, they will re-enact the Stations of the Cross, that is, the Passion of Jesus Christ from being condemned by Pontius Pilate to His death to Him being placed in the tomb.  It is a bit of a raucous affair, as folks dress up in costume of the ancient Judean time and jostle for a good view, now with the ubiquitous camera phone (or iPad, or even a laptop held by one boy) to try to capture it all.

But . . . devotion.  Faith.  Belief.  The love of their religion is palatable.

I was asked by the editor of East Tennessee Catholic to do a video of the event.  On Good Friday, at Holy Ghost Church, which is located in a not-so-great neighborhood, the Stations took place.

Have a look.