On Assignment: the Iconography of Clorinda Bell

Earlier this year I accompanied the editor of the East Tennessee Catholic to the home of a Peruvian artist, Clorinda Bell.

Clorinda and her family are artists in what is called the Cusquenan style of iconography, found in Peru.  It is highly detailed work, with what looks like delicate lacework (click on any image to enlarge).

The "gold" paint you see in Clorinda's work is come from a special formula of minerals and other pigments . . . BUT, the actual mixture is a secret, developed by Clorinda and her family.

I purchased one of her works - a beautiful Madonna and Child - for what I thought was a very reasonable price.  If you like religious artwork, visit her website to learn more about her genre and to purchase her artwork.  Clory is a sweetheart and an extraordinarily talented artist.