Make it so . . . for Jessica and Arron

I helped a friend who had been engaged to shoot a wedding.  No problem, right?  Except when I got there, I found out that the bride really, really, REALLY wanted just a small portion of her wedding videotaped.

And there was no videographer.

To which I said - "Let's do it!"

I am not a videographer, although I know enough about dSLR videography to be dangerous . . . or, at least, to make a bride happy.  So I grabbed my extra body, a Canon 7D, a tripod, and a coupe of cute, lil' ring bearers (hey, boys are good at screaming loudly on cue) to set audio levels.  And made it happen.

The point is, a good photographer works to keep the client happy.  Okay, people suddenly have an idea and they should have talked to someone about it ahead of time . . . but put out a little more effort and you can make their day just a little extra special.