Mad Ink - Knoxville Tattoo Convention

Although I only have one tattoo, I very much like tattoo art.  Now, just like a musician or an athlete, a photographer should take time out to practice and - very important - have some fun.  Street photography is my first love so I headed out to the World's Fair Holiday Inn in downtown Knoxville to check out the annual tattoo convention.

Rick Levenchuck of Born This Way Body Arts in Knoxville, TN consults with a client.

Man, I saw some outstanding talent.  There were especially a number of artists whose designs had such details and nuanced shading, they were simply exquisite.

I am always in admiration of those artists whose intensity and dedication shows when working.

Nick Stegall of Redletter1 in Tampa, FL at work.

I always stop by to see ma tendresse,  April Berardi, and her man, Bryan Thomas.  They and their colleagues have put a lo of hard work into making their tattoo and piercing salon, Born This Way Body Arts, a beautiful and safe environment to get some ink.  Go check them out.

Bryan Thomas specializes in tebori, a "hand poke" tattoo process where no machine is used - it is all his handiwork , patience, and skill.

And does it hurt?  Heh - ask her . . .

Enjoy my other photos - click through the gallery and consider heading down to get some ink (or make an appointment - many artists are already booked for the show, which lasts through August 17th).