What's the Old Picture of Yours That You Will Always Love?

This question was posted recently on the photography forum on Reddit.com, the great social media site.

For me, it will always be this one:

The year was somewhere around 1980.  I as a young college student in new York City, with a Canon AE-1 around my neck.  Heaven knows what film I was using - likely the cheapest I could lay my hands on.

A hot summer's day and I saw these two waiting in the shade of a shop canopy for their bus.  The expression on the girl's face is fierce, as though she is ready and willing to protect the woman whom I assume is her grandmother.  Their body language speaks of pure love and loyalty between them.  Maybe they are the only people to one another.

Although the age difference is off, I always imagine these two as St. Anne with her daughter, the Blessed Virgin Mary.  I pray for them.

Street photography was my first love and there is no greater happiness for me than to walk without a plan in a busy city, with my camera.