This Old Gnome

It belonged to my grandmother, Wanda Koretzky.


I am pretty sure that it was a gift to her from her son, my uncle and godfather, Michael Koretzky, Jr.  All I know is that I used to play with it as a child, since I lived with three generations under one roof in a row house in the Bronx.  Grandma always told me it was "the North Wind."

I photographed it to demonstrate in a bid to  company the type of product photography that works best on e-commerce sites like  Clean, showing detail, with a pure white background.  Also, the original image had a reflection beneath it - while certain items, such as jewelry, can look mighty sexy with a reflection, with others it might be a distration.  better to "strip" it out and replace it with a soft gradient shadow, as shown.

So hat is the point of this blog post.  Well, if you are going to have a website to display your products, professional photography can help you show your best.  You may make the greatest widget in the world, but an image that does no blend seamlessly on a computer screen may demonstrate to some people a lack of pride and care in the product.

And to remember my Grandma, who was a great lady and a veritable Rock of Gibraltar in our home.  Who knows, maybe she can pull some strings up there in Heaven and get me the job.  I have always said, I know when I arrive in Heaven and see my Grandma, waiting for me with a plate of her homemade pierogi.