A Welcome Sight With the Polar Vortex BearingDown . . .

As I write this, Wednesday night is predicted to be 7 degrees Farenheit.

While back in my childhood we called that a "cold snap," nowadays the weathermen seem to relish in pronouncing it be to be the dreaded POLAR VORTEX, which seems to be as ominous as the warnings our mother wold give us that if we stepped into the surf at Jones beach in New York just after eating, the UNDER TOW would grab us.

No matter.  I have something for what ails you in cold, dark nights of January.  I had never posted these images of sweet Taylor and her man, Jerrod, lazing by a stream in the Smoky Mountains on a warm summer's day.

Fear not.  It will be here.  Baseball, and cookouts, and cotton dresses with flip-flops, and fireflies at night.

So have a look at these images and daydream a bit, thinking about summer while the wind blows outside and frost covers the fields at dawn.