What does your headshot say about you?

I just did office headshots for a business that is bringing a fresh, new approach to the traditional law office, Knoxville's Legal Walk In Center.

In lieu of the standard "portrait shot on white or neutral background" - which is not a bad idea, depending on the type of business - I thought they needed the more cinematic look.  Lead attorney Paige Coleman is revolutionizing how people get legal services, so she and her staff need something out of the ordinary while presenting an approachable, confident team.  Lawyers standing by books they never take down off the shelves?  *Yawn*!  Paige is making it affordable and not-so-scary for the average person to sit down with an attorney  new models of one type of business require a new way of looking at them.

Go and check out Legal Walk In Center.  I am proud to work with quality clients and I like to do what I can to help them in their business.  No appointment needed - just walk in!  

As for me - just call me!