Meet Seamus

After the death of our kitty, wee Ronnie, I found that the house - no, I - was lonely without a cat around it.  I think a cat's energy serves to offset the dogs' energy.

So we went to the animal shelter to look at the cats that were available.  This little maniac of eight months was entertaining us with his playfulness and after spending an hour with him, we knew he would have to come home with us.

The shelter named him Dominic.  Uh-uh, wrong colors - if he were a black-and-white cat, that would be a good name.  But as a ginger tabby, we felt something more Celtic would be a better fit.

So - meet Seamus!

Beyond that gate are two large, stupid dogs who want to be friends but will just have to be patient until Seamus feels comfortable.

And please, don't get a puppy or kitten unless you intend to keep it, housebreaking and all.  The shelters get filled with discarded Christmas presents because people just did not realize the commitment it takes to being a pet owner.