Little Man at the Museum of Appalachia

When you are photographing a toddler . . . you gotta hustle.

Young children are going to take limited direction because, well . . . they're young!  But look at little Jackson's look here.  There is mischief and adventure and fun in those eyes, and how can you not smile back at the innocence?

So on the first real day of Spring, we met up at the local Museum of Appalachia to have some fun.  And fun was had since the location provided Jackson with low rocks and porches and walls for climbing, silly birds (peacocks) to look at, and rocking chairs!

The trick with children is to give them the room to do what they want to do.  The famous child psychologist, Jean Piaget, noted that play for kids is very serious business.  And over the course of a shoot, you get to see that in a variety of expressions and reactions and interactions.  Be ready - you never know what is coming next!

I don't mind getting down and dirty when photographing kids, probably because it allows me to be a child again.  And with an engaging boy like Jackson, it's all fun!  

As the warmer months progress, it is a time for all of us to remember the carefree, barefoot days of childhood.  They will only be this little at this time - let's make some memories for them!