The best way to beat the winter blues? Have some fun!

A lot of the country is now eagerly - VERY EAGERLY - looking forward to Spring.  Here is East Tennessee, it is no exception.  We have had a few days of melting and as I write this, we are under a Winter Storm Watch for tonight.

But when you ahve a sunny personality like Phoebe here, well, it just does not feel as cold and the day gets brighter.  Phoebe is a remarkable young woman whose blog, Taken By the Lapels, is a must-read.  She had approached me after she and I did a Halloween shoot, to get some "less spooky" pictures for her blog.

Smart girl - there is nothing that stands out more in the blogosphere than original content, including images.  And using your own images or those you have engaged a photographer to take means you do not run afoul of any copyright violations.

20150218 Phoebe in the Snow (34 of 43).jpg

So go read Phoebe's blog - as you can tell from her images, it's always a good time!

Images taken in Market Square and Krutch Park in downtown Knoxville, TN.