Photowalking in Chattanooga

Concert pianists practice their scales each day.  Athletes train.  So why wouldn't photographers get out and shoot, just to keep the eye trained?

Daddy's # Draft Pick . . . and he knows it.

Finally, we had some warmer weather in East Tennessee and I just had to get out on a Sunday afternoon and walk about with my camera - photowalking, as we call it.

I was happy to meet up with two friends down in Chattanooga.  The day was fine, the park was crowded, and it just felt good to get out.  Street photography was my first love in photography and it has helped me hone my style when I am engaged as a photojournalist.  Souvenirs of anywhere I go are the images I can capture

I am ready for Spring.  Here is what I saw in the 'Noog.

Children have no problems wearing ice cream.

I loved this woman's hair and vintage look.  BTW, after seeing all these cones . . . I went and got myself some ice cream.

I took a look in the back seat and said to the owner in the front, "That's a hybrid, isn't it?"  She smiled and said, "Yup."  I know enough about dogs - and wolves - to know it would not have ended well if my camera went any further into the car.  

He was working in a sort of box while another guy sat outside.

"I'm the boss!"

"Why aren't you sitting outside?"

"Because someone has to e my Steppin' Fetchit!"

My husband is always after me to do a book of my street photography.