Went out to find me some cowboys

I saw the signs . . . "Red Gate Rodeo, this weekend."

Now, I love street photography.  But street photography does not need an urban street as a setting - it is all about capturing life as it happens, unscripted, to show the human element in its environment.

And so this "street" that I walked on Saturday night was pitted, grassy, and . . . had manure in certain spots.  It was crowded and hot, with the smell of grease from the funnel cakes mixing with the odors of livestock.  It was country music, it was wads of dip the cheek, it was Marlboros being smoked.  It was kids up too late and moms too tired to care, while dad was in the parking lot with the guys, passing a Mason jar of 'shine.

It was a rodeo.  It was small town America.

And it was great.