My friend, Kat, recently had some serious health issues and this weekend I traveled to her home in North Carolina to check in on her and bring her a casserole.  Hey, someone gets sick - bring food.

But while I was there, she told me she did not have any "decent" pictures of her sweet pup, Baxter, and asked me to do some portraiture of him.  I love dogs - I can't say no to a face like this!


Photographing a dog is a lot like photographing a young child.  Unless they are highly trained, they cannot take direction.  The challenge, then, for me as the photographer is to let them romp and play, and get down to their level and chase after them.  Baxter had a stick that kept him occupied for part of the time, just as a toddler might have a small toy.

My friend was worried that lying in the grass I would get bit by the various insect life of the Carolina woods.  Meh.  So long as I get the shot.

Who's a good boy, huh?  Who's a good boy?  You are, Baxter!  One of the luckiest rescue dogs I know!