An encounter in Washington DC

In the news now is the story of a series of videos being released by the Center for Medical Progress that show Planned Parenthood and one of its clients, StemExpress, implicated in the selling of fetal organs.

I am reminded of an encounter I had back in January 2012.  I was in Washington DC and on my way to cover the annual March for Life, a pro-life demonstration.  As I walked from the campus of Catholic University towards the metro, I met a group of pro-choice counter-protesters.

I got into conversation with one woman.  As she talked with me, she had a vibe of frenetic energy about her.  She giggled as she took as small t-shirt that read "I had an abortion" from her backpack and stretched it over her winter jacket. 

She told me that she had an abortion ""26 years ago - best thing I ever did!"  I asked her if she knew whether she lost a son or a daughter and she said, "Damn, I don't know, it was 40 days of gestation!" 

I was amazed that she could recount that level of detail.  I asked her if I could take her picture.  She agreed and suddenly struck this pose.

I thanked her and walked away a short distance.  I stopped and looked back.  A woman with a pro-life group was handing her a pamphlet.   She went to the  other pro-choice students and waved the pamphlet, asking, "Does anyone want this crap that lady gave me?"  When they said no, I expected her to throw it in the trash bin right there.  

But she placed it in her pocket.

Abortion.  It stays with you, in one way or another.