The Final Concert for The Dirty Guv'nahs

A friend of mine unfortunately came under a bout of poor health, and asked me if I would take her place to photograph the final concert of The Dirty Guv'nahs at Knoxville's Tennessee Theater.

You simply can't say no to an opportunity like that.  After nearly a decade, the band had decided that life on the road meant time away from family and decided to disband.  It saddened a lot of people because their following in the Southeast, and especially in their hometown of Knoxville, was dedicated.

And with good reason.  They are wonderful.

Here are some of the images I captured on September 25, 2015 at the Tennessee Theater on Gay Street (click on any to view in a larger size)

This was the final song that brought me to tears.

May His angels bring their graces to these guys and their families throughout their lives.