Snowmageddon in Washington, DC

Pizza delivery man out in the storm.  Better service than the Post Office.

This past weekend, I was up in Washington DC for the annual March for Life on January 21st.  My friends and I had already planned to stay the weekend.  "We'll go see the monuments on Saturday," we said.  "It'll be fun," we said.

No such luck.  We were staying in Arlington, across the Potomac, and the city shut down its Metro.  But before we headed back to the hotel on Friday afternoon, as the storm intensified, I captured a few images of DC.  Enjoy!

A father and his sons trudge along the National Mall.

Strolling along F Street.

Japanese documentary makers making a documentary about Japanese tourists in America.

A quick phone call at the Metro Center.

Street musician at the Metro Center station.

Walking home in Arlington, VA