A Modeling Portfolio Begins

Carolina Houser, photographed at the greenway in Maryville, Tennessee

I recently photographed Carolina Houser, an extraordinary teen from Odessa, Russia, now living in East Tennessee.  She hopes to begin a modeling career and to this end she is taking classes with Gage Models and Talent in Knoxville.

Carolina Houser in downtown Maryville, Tennessee, for her modeling portfolio.

It was her first time in front of a camera, so I made sure we scheduled not only time for hair and makeup, but also time for her to gain comfort and confidence, especially when given direction by me.  I do that for most client shoots, as the more at ease a person is, the better their images.

Speaking of hair and makeup, Carolina was styled by Tatyana Wilcox.  I cannot recommend enough Tatyana's services - she has worked in several European fashion houses and is a consummate professional.  She and I collaborated on how Carolina would be styled and photographed for a headshot and then for her shoot.

Carolina Houser, photographed in downtown Maryville.

A word on headshots for an aspiring model - this is the time for the plain brown wrapper.  What I mean by this is that the agency or casting director needs to see what they have to work with.  Accordingly, any makeup or retouch must be done very sparingly.

Carolina Houser's headshot.  Note the simplicity and how it shows the head, neck, shoulders, and clavicle area without any distractions.

Carolina Houser, photographed in downtown Maryville, Tennessee.

Carolina Houser, photographed at the greenway in Maryville, Tennessee.

Carolina Houser

I look forward to watching this beautiful teen mature and advance in her career.