Bare Essentials for Boudoir: a White Sheet Session

This time of year, I see more call for boudoir sessions.

Now, "boudoir" can mean a lot of things.  The word itself is French, and it refers to a lady's bedroom.  That means that boudoir is meant to be personal, intimate, and sensual.

Sexy?  Yes, but that is where I think boudoir can mean a wide spectrum of types of images.  It could be sexy in a very romantic sense - think a sheer gown where there is a hint of what lies beneath - to something more risque, such as nudity.  I think there is a very fine line between boudoir and pinup, which I think can bring a sense of fun to a session.

But in any case, the limits of boudoir are set by the client.  A boudoir session is governed by the client's comfort above all.  Some ladies are more modest than others - but that does not mean they cannot have something intimate and, above all, beautiful.

Offered here for your consideration: a boudoir session that allows you to set limits easily, requires no special clothing, and if you think your body is "imperfect" - and it isn't, my darling - you can keep the problem spots covered while giving more play to what makes you feel great.  The white sheet session.

Yes, you can lie on your tummy, if that makes you comfortable.

The concept is marvelously simple.  You.  White bedding.  Your birthday suit.  Pearls optional.

If you are like me, you sleep in the pajama bottoms you stole from your significant other and an old t-shirt that you got from a radio station promo.  You don't really own anything "sexy" that you'd feel comfortable wearing, much less actually doing so.  

I get it.  Some girls don't want to play dress up.

But we all love the idea of lazing on clean, white sheets on a bright morning.  Cool cotton against our skin.  Something to wrap ourselves in, daring to let a little show . . . or not.

Yes, you can do this!

And thank you to the gorgeous Morgan McCarty for posing.  Beautiful, smart, and a pleasure to work with - a great model!