Models at Imaging USA

Last month I attended Imaging USA in Atlanta, which is the Professional Photographers of America's annual convention.  

Canon, man - wow, they laid out some big bucks to fete all the photographers.  They hosted the opening night party, which was amazing.  Part of the entertainment was some stages with models in fashion gear and cosplay costumes.  Put some continuous lights up and photographers were allowed to take their pictures.

During Imaging, I made it a point to shoot with my new Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART lens.  It is so sweet, it really is.  And while I did not feel like shooting models for the sake of shooting models, a 35mm in hand lends itself nicely to doing some street photography. 

I wonder how many of the photographers have ever worked with a model?  And just why were there a lot of middle-aged and older men taking pictures?  Ah, who knows - Imaging USA also attracts the avid hobbyist or maybe there was the guy whose job it is to take school picture after school picture of sullen teens, and he just wanted to enjoy someone different in front of his camera.

No matter.  It was a good time and I am grateful to Canon for throwing a party.

Next year Imaging USA is in San Antonio, TX.  Hope to be there!