The Beauty of Women of a Certain Age

It's not about a number.

Fabulous at 50?  Sexy at 60?  No - it doesn't matter.

It's about being a women of a certain age.

What makes a women of a certain age?  It is that women who has seen some things and have stories about it.  It is about that woman who knows joy, who knows pain, and who knows when it is time for a change.  It is that woman who is not afraid to admit she's scared, but has the confidence not to back down.

What made her that way?  Life made her that way.  But not just life in the abstract - her life.  Maybe it is easy, maybe it is hard, and likely it is both.  But it is unique to her, and to her alone.

The sad thing is that all too often that woman of a certain age does not see how it has made her beautiful.  Ask to take her picture and she hides behind an excuse - too old, too fat, too wrinkly, too tired, too . . . well, you know how it is.

But here is the truth: she is not too "anythng" like that to the people who love her.  To her family, to her friends, she is  masterpiece that they cherish.  They see her beauty.  

And it is time she sees it, too.


Look at Carol here.  When she came to my studio, we talked about how we were close in age and the events that shaped us, whether it was marriage and child rearing or the fact that we saw an American be the first human to step foot on the moon.  Contentious election year?  Yeah, we've voted in them.  Bad disco music?  Okay, we might have danced to it.  Watching our parents grow old and realizing an old generation was passing?  Yes, we cried and wished they could be with us forever, while realizing the younger set will think the same about us one day.

Now is the time.  A woman of a certain age was not beautiful, she is beautiful.  Now.  Right now.  And you can see that when you look at these images of Carol.  And nothing is more a delight than to capture those images for her.

So, as a woman of a certain age, let me say this to my sisters: stop making excuses.  You have given a lot of yourself to others over the years, it is your time to see the masterpiece that you are.  Step into my studio.  Get your hair and makeup done.  And let's create images that show the world the beauty of you.