Insects love me . . .

It is summer time, here in the South, and that means that all the creep-crawlies come out.

And they love me.  Don't ask me why, but I get bit by more bugs - and fortunately, without ill effects.  Just a week ago, while shooting a wedding, I got bit on the knuckle of my thumb while photographing "the kiss" at a wedding.

And ticks?  I ensure my dogs and cat take Comfortis for flea and tick prevention.  Which means, upon finding an inhospitable host with them, ticks jump off them and glom onto me.  Usually, I discover them before they attach but not always.

Meh.  It happens.  And bugs don't scare me (fish, dark water, heights, and realistic animatronic dinosaurs, sure, but not bugs, or even snakes).  But while counting up my bites in the shower this morning, I remembered a short film I had made a couple of years back.


And I'd like to think Mr. Brad Paisley wrote this one for me . . .