Be the Super Hero

My little friend here is a Super Hero.  Because he is.

I had the opportunity a short time ago to photograph a beautiful family from Florida during their vacation to the Smokies.  Add two adorable little boys and an attractive Mom and Dad, and how could one not get some great images?

But when they ordered a picture book, I thought I would have some fun and add a couple of embellishments to this image.  This little man in his mind had conquered continents, so why shouldn't he have a cape and light saber?  Mom not only loved it in the book, she ordered a print of it as well.  

But it got me to thinking - where does your imagination take you?  And have you told your photographer?  Because what makes for an image that speaks to you is how you see yourself.  And you shouldn't be afraid to let your photograph make that a reality.

So be the Super Hero.  Be the Moody Artist.  Be the Bad Girl.  Be the Terminator.

There is nothing wrong with a picture posed "nicely."  Why not have both?