Confidence Breeds Beauty: Carol's Pinup Session

Confidence breeds beauty.

-- Estee Lauder

It is always a delight to photograph a mature woman because what adds the beauty she already possesses is the confidence that comes with the life she has led.  She has encountered challenges that she has overcome and her sense of what is important is refined.

And so it was working with Carol on her pinup session.  Let me say, pinup is in the same genre of boudoir photography or glamour photography - it is about a person celebrating who they are, and whether that celebration is fun and whimsical, or seductive and sensual, it still is about letting a photograph show the world who that person is.

And as you look at Carol's images - wife, mother, friend, teacher and now a grandmother! - you can see why those in her life cherish her for the joy she brings them!

Venue:  The Swann Plantation  *  Hair and Makeup:  Tatyana Wilcox  *  Stylist:  Carol Bird

When I photograph someone, I don't simply want them to love their images, I want that they had fun while we worked together.  And this is especially true with pinup.  Pinup gives you permission to be laugh.  If you think, "Well, I would feel so self-conscious in a boudoir shoot," then go for some humor.  

You are never too old to be a model.

And . . . you are beautiful NOW.