Channeling Paul Walker - Alex's Senior Shoot

Last fall I had the opportunity to shoot a young man for his senior pictures.  Alex is cool, the unlikely product of an Appalachian father and an Italian mother, the latter straight outta Naples.  We had a good time with his car - because what guy doesn't love his ride? - and there definitely was a vibe that reminded us of the late Paul Walker.

I like Alex's features - that's the descendant of some Roman legionnaire, right there.  You can see it in his profile.

And . . . he's a great kid.

So check out this video of his shoot.  I like a senior shoot to fit the kid, not some "let's-put-you-on-some-railrodd-tracks-with-faux-vintage-luggage-and-a-guitar-even-though-you-don't-play-one."