A Bugs Bunny Moment With the Petrees

Come on, you watched Bugs Bunny as a kid, didn't you?

And the one cartoon, "Hair Raising Hare" where Bugs thwarts a monster in a haunted castle by suddenly turning into a beautician, telling the monster that "monsters are such iiiiiiinteresting people . . . and I bet you meet a lot of iiiiiiinteresting people . . ."

The same can be said for photographers.  We're those monsters.

So I had my Bugs Bunny moment when I worked with Tim and Lisa Petree of Be Media Savvy on their headshots/business portraits.  They are a husband-and-wife team who work to help small businesses market themselves.  But what I found iiiiiiinteresting is their story - from "no, thanks" to "I do" and how that love story can translate into a sort of love story between a business and their client, as a business learns what a client needs and forms a relationship.  Go check them out!

I really enjoy working with people on headshots and business portraits. And why I love being a professional photographer - as Bugs said, "In my business you meet so many iiiiiiiiiiiinteresting people!"  I hope you can as well through my blog.

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