Go With the Flow: Ashton + Travis' Engagement Shoot

Even if it's going over a waterfall.

Sometimes the best of plans get side-tracked.  Take, as an example, my scheduled engagement session with Ashton and Travis at Cumberland Falls in Kentucky.  The plan was to have their infant son and his half-brother at home with a sitter.

But that did not happen.  Sitter could not make it.  Mom had to scramble.  Kids had to come.  And babies get fussy.

The problem is, when you're a lady killer like this one, you KNOW your cuteness lets you get away with a lot!

So what?

Let's just turn it into a family shoot.  Because family is what matters and real life happens.

In the end, we had fun, we got great images, and we tired out the kids so I am sure it was a quiet ride home.  

Besides, Ashton knows she has a good man when she can see this father's interaction with his kids.

Never sweat stuff like this.  As a wife and mother, I would rather have memories like these than nothing at all.  

BTW, I learned at our shoot that Cumberland Falls was the scene for Ashton and Travis' first date.  I encourage couples to pick a setting with meaning to them.  Here, it looks like their lives have come around full circle and I look forward to photographing their wedding in the beautiful setting of Hot Springs, NC this fall.