Reuse. Recycle. Redeem.

I had planned this shoot with Sierra to be something featuring a big, poufy skirt.  The problem was, she did not have one, nor did I.

But the KARM store on Merchant Drive in Knoxville had a dated 80's wedding dress . . . that had a big, poufy skirt attached to a horrendous bodice.  KARM stands for Knox Area Rescue Mission, a local charity where Christian values are demonstrated in their programs for the homeless, the addicted, and those in need. They do wonderful work and if you are smart, you will follow them on Instagram to see what special items one of their stores might have.  

Reuse.  Recycle.  What was once one person's treasure became mine - we already have too much stuff and I am a big proponent of thrift shops.  Good Lord, think about it - we are probably the only country with self-storage units that some people rent simply because their stuff has outgrown their home.  There is something wrong with that picture.

So I took the wedding gown home, took the sharpest knife in the drawer, and performed some surgery on the dress, separating the skirt from the bodice.

Add some pieces of faux suede as backdrops and use some natural light - and now there are ethereal, romantic portraits of Sierra.  

Portraiture does not have to involve elaborate sets or props.  Check your local thrift store for designs and wardrobe that can be brought to life again in a new setting, especially if it is for an organization such as KARM.  

Reuse.  Recycle.  And help someone to redeem their lives with your purchase.