Scenes from Los Angeles

Wurstkuche in the Los Angeles Art District

I recently traveled to Southern California to hook up with two outstanding photographers, Peter Treadway and Dave Williams of Hybrid Photography in London, who were out to shoot a wedding in Ventura County and allowed me to tag along.  Go follow them on Instagram, they're super-talented.  But follow me, too, hell yeah.

Hybrid Dave

Hybrid Peter

As the wedding was taking place on Friday and Sunday, that left Saturday for play time.  And that meant driving about Los Angeles for some street photography (and for Dave to fly Droney McDroneface).  

Street photography is what brought me to pick up a camera.  As I have said before, it means trying to find that extraordinary moment among the millions of ordinary ones.  As with wildlife photography, you can go all day and get one image you like, maybe none at all - and that's okay.  The very first image at the top of this blog post was one I am happy with.  I like the others, but I am happy with that one.


Santa Monica Beach

Female surfer in Malibu

Santa Monica Beach

Calling home . . .


The City of Angels

Fanny, who told me she had Stage 4 cancer.  She was kind enough to let me take her pictue and I contributed some cash to her charity.  Los Angeles Art District.

By McArthur Park.  I am calling this one "Calvary."  Do you see why?