Love at Any Age: Celia + Gary's Engagement Shoot

Love doesn't care about your age.

Romance is not solely for the young.

I think it is wonderful when two adults who share a lifetime of experiences, joys, sorrows, and friendship between them discover that they are in love.

Celia and Gary are that lovely couple.  If the good times and laughter that came from their engagement session is any indication, their wedding this August will be huge fun!

And Celia and Gary picked a lovely spot for both their engagement and wedding.  Swann Plantation was built around 1820 and is lovingly maintained by Shari and John Coleman, who go out of their way for their wedding couples.  If you are a history buff, ask for the story!

BTW, in some of the pictures, you will see a rose.  It's an inside joke for them, being fans of "The Bachelor."  Gary gave Celia a rose - and a serious sparkler!

Nice job, Gary - well done!

They say that youth is wasted on the young.  Well, then, the thing to do is to avoid that waste and keep it alive with the right attitude.  Celia and Gary have that in spades and show that being in love has no expiration date.

This is going to be great.