Brides n' Brews - be there on July 25th!

I am very happy to announce that I will be on a panel - along with the remarkably talented photographers Derek Halkett (Derek Halkett Photography) and Bill Waldorf (Waldorf Photographic Art) - to present an information session, "Wedding Photography for Brides."

This is a FREE event where a bride - or a groom - can get informed about wedding photography.  How do you find a photographer?  What is in the contract?  What takes place during the wedding day?  What do you wear to an engagement session?   Bring your questions!

Wedding planning is NOT easy - there are a lot of choices to make.  At least for wedding photography, this gives you the chance to be an INFORMED bride, which will make your planning easier.

As I am an attorney licensed in Tennessee and California, I will be talking about what you can expect - and should look for - in a contract with your wedding photographer.  You may be surprised about some things!

And . . . it's FREE.  And being held at the Casual Pint, which means you can grab your groom (or bride), grab a beer, then grab a seat for an evening of tips and fun!

But space is limited, so please register to reserve as many seats as you need (you, your soon-to-spouse, maybe Mom, whoever is helping you).

Looking forward to seeing you there!