Comedy In a Cave

Krisha Brook at work

It is not every day that you can see improv comedy in the Land of the Lizard People.

Say what?

Okay, that is one of my personal jokes.  Every time I visit some cavern, at some point when the tour guide asks if there are any questions, I raise my hand and ask, "When do the Lizard People come out?"  I then go on to explain that I have listened to enough Coast to Coast AM to KNOW that there is a subterranean kingdom of Lizard People and eventually the volcano under Yellowstone will blow, and they will come out to conquer us.

About then is when my husband casually strolls away and heads for the exit, the bastard.

Cherokee Caverns

But while I kept an eye out for them last Saturday night (you can never let down your guard), my husband and I went to Cherokee Caverns to see the comedy of Some Antics, the hysterical duo of Frank Murphy and Krisha Brook.

Frank and Krisha

Don't tell me that I don't live in a cool place.  I mean, it's live comedy in a cave.  And it is also 58 degrees down there, so it is a blessed relief from the Southern heat.

And Krisha and Frank are funny.  I am in awe of those who do improv because unlike a stand up comedian who has a regular act and gets to practice it, these two have to think on their feet and make people laugh with antics thought up on words, concepts, ideas - right then and there.

And that takes talent and intelligence.

I know Frank from our work together for the Diocese of Knoxville, and you might have heard him on 93.1 FM, WNOX, where he spins the classic hits and tells us he wants us to get a massage (hey, sponsors pay the bills).  This was my first time meeting Krisha, who is a delight.

The show was sold out and Cherokee Caverns had best bring them back - and the good news is that you can bring them, too, say, to your corporate gathering or Christmas party.  Actually, I think they would be a fun surprise for a bride and groom at a wedding reception - especially if they know some details about the couple to include in their routine.  

Call Frank and Krisha.  Book them.  Go see them.  And laugh.

And book me.  Because I'm on to The Lizard People.  Oh yeah, I am . . .