Mischief Managed and Magic Happened

There is always a spot for Harry Potter at a wedding.  And The Princess Bride.  And Star Wars.  

One of my couples, Lucie and Sean, are fanciful and colorful.  And utterly charming.  They got married on the bride's family estate in Tennessee, overlooking Watts Bar Lake and while some might say they allowed their inner nerd to come out, and others might say they allowed their inner child to come out, I say they simply allowed . . . their magic to happen.

To begin, how beautifully romantic is it to marry beneath a giant cherry tree that has seen generations of the family?  

But then to allow some whimsy in your decor - from the "Mischief Managed" sweetheart table, to golden snitches at the children's table (gotta catch them all - oh, wait, I am mixing up my pop culture references) to drink cozies proclaiming the benefits of mawge, to an adorable groom's cake of R2D2 in a tuxedo - all worked to make it a wedding of fun and romance!

Best.  Groom's.  Cake.  Ever!

Okay, so maybe some Star Trek snuck in there, too.

Especially romance.

I had a suggestion for the couple.  I asked Lucie if she had a wand.  Helloooo, it is not as if she is a Muggle (she does have magical powers - she sings opera!).  So she ran and fetched it and I set up the shot.

In the world of Harry Potter, one of the spells is "Accio!"  It is a summoning charm that causes an object to levitate and come over to summoner.  

So, how to get the groom to come and get some loving?  Accio!

And I added my own magic - the one  work with Photoshop!

Actually, I am quite grateful to get a chance to have some fun in Photoshop.  And having some fun with your wedding pictures is a good thing.  Hey, you may need it to prove to your kids you were cool back in the day - and still are!

If you have an idea for a fantastical image with you and your beloved, give me a call and let's work some magic!