Flashback Friday: Red Gate Rodeo

My love of photography started with street photography.  Or call it photojournalism.  Whatever you want.  It is just me immersing myself into a setting, with my camera in hand.

July 2015.  I saw the signs along the roads, telling me that there is a rodeo in Maynardville.  So I went.

Will something like this survive the times?  I hope so.  It is a slice of America that some people call deplorable now, or others say exploit animals, or still others just find offensive.  But for these people, it's a hot Saturday night and rather than sit at home and watch the boob tube, they go to the rodeo.

"Make me a poster . . . of an old rodeo."

Maybe what I like about these faces is that they are unapologetic.

Every once in a while, I have to break away from "paid work" and just go and shoot for myself.  And the best place I know to do this is on the street.  I haven't done enough lately.  I need to correct that.