Introducing Image Folios from Graphistudio

I am absolutely delighted when I find a premium product that can showcase your images splendidly, and I found that in Graphistudio's Image Folios.

I use Graphistudio for my albums.  They are imported from Italy and the company uses very high quality material to make them.  But their beauty does not stop there because the material is also very varied.  What that means is that when it is time to design an album and its case, we get to play with all types of swatches.  You choose the combos and now your album is truly unique.

But now these image folios!

Here's what it is:  a beautiful, bespoke case - and there are several varieties, the one here is the Folio Box - with your images inside, individually matted and printed using the Canon HD Dreamlabo 5000, a top-of-the-line printer that uses new technology for advanced image reproduction.  I won't go into the technology regarding color spaces - just know with that printer and the paper types available, these are awesome!

I used black and white images from a session I did with a professional model, Morgan McCarty.  I chose to have them printed on Canon HD Fine Art paper, which is the same quality that is used for museum images.  The Folio Box I kept simple - dark blue leather on both the cover and sides, with a pearl linen lining inside.  On the outside of the box I had just the model's name in a color overprinting.  There is so much more I could have done if I wanted.

Now, why would someone want this product?  Compare this with a wedding album that typically has portraits, and photojournalism, and candid shots - properly designed, a wedding album tells a story and a book is the best medium for that.

But if you have a collection of portraits, each picture stands alone to be viewed and admired, whether you are passing them around or displaying them.  

Take one out.  Place it on an easel.  switch them out, from time to time.  

I noticed with the box I ordered, there was some space left and I thought, this would be perfect for ephemera.  Ephemera is things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time, but can have great meaning.  An example would be a wedding invitation.  Imagine a folio of your favorite bridal portraits and stored with them is your invitation, the wedding program, and maybe a personalized cocktail napkin from your reception.  That is something wonderful for a rainy day to open and relive the day!  Or an image folio from a senior session with a graduation program.  Or a baby session with a hospital bracelet.

Image folios are not meant to replace albums and books.  They are for those very special images that stand out from the others.  I am excited about this product offering - it is unique and just beautifully crafted.

What would you place in your folio?