Stephanie and Mark's Wedding - Johnson City

With winter weddings, you have to be conscious of the light - or really, the lack of it.  Sunset occurs sooner and the light fades more quickly - and even a sunny day can be diffused a bit, due to the season.

But that also means the light available at night can be used and even played with.  Stephanie and Mark's wedding was one lit by the winter sun, the glow of chandeliers, and even a fire.  Which adds up to one thing: romance.

Their wedding was held at Rose Hill Weddings in Johnson City, whose chapel is the former St. Mary's Catholic Church.  Since the building was once a consecrated church, a nuptial Mass could still take place there.  This was meaningful to Mark, who was baptized there as a baby.

After the reception, an after party was held at Yeehaw Brewing Company.  Johnson City is such a hip town, being the home of East Tennessee State University, where Stephanie - oh, excuse me, Doctor Stephanie - recently earned her Ph.D.

Congratulations to these two - may they always have a happy home together!