Big Apple Engagement Session with Sarah and Jordan

The preparations for #TheNewYorkewedding in June 2018 continue, and of course it could not be complete without an engagement session in New York City.  And in particularly special place, beloved by the bride.

But, there was a problem.  It seems this special place, which shall hereafter go unnamed but possibly rhymes with "oysters," does not allow one to come with one's photographer and take engagement photos.  In fact, in an inquiry, I was told that even if I were to take pictures outside of this special place I could not allow the building to be in the background.

So, the first part of our engagement session was spent in Ft. Tryon Park, in upper Manhattan.  And its . . . uh . . . . environs.  Yes, that's it, its environs.  And the environs looked like this:

Then onto another famed spot in New York City, the Brooklyn Bridge.  A great backdrop, if only all the people already there could have been elsewhere.  But this is New York City, and like it or not, people happen all the time in that city.  But you can still make great images, especially when you have a great couple (and the groom could not take a weekday off due to an impending trial, busy assistant DA that he is).

I am eagerly looking forward to Sarah and Jordan's wedding in June, in Elmira, New York.  It will be a gathering of friends and family to rival any love-fest to date, complete with characters from all walks of life - really, quite literally.  

This is gonna be something else!